S+SSPR 2016
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Important Dates
         30 November - 2 December 2016
Submissions Due
          31 May 2016    18 July 2016 (Final
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          12 July 2016     5 September 2016
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                                    23 September 2016
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                                    21 October 2016

The joint IAPR International Workshops on Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition (SSPR 2016) and Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition (SPR 2016) will be held in Mérida, Mexico, in December 2016. Merida is one of the oldest cities in the Americas, with Mayan, Spanish and French influences.

S+SSPR 2016 is a joint biannual event organized by Technical Committee 1 (Statistical Pattern Recognition Technique) and Technical Committee 2 (Structural and Syntactical Pattern Recognition) of the International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR). Following the trend of previous editions, S+SSPR 2016 will be held in close proximity and shortly before the International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR).

Topics include, but are not limited to

Domain adaptation
Dissimilarity Representations
Ensemble Methods
Multiple Classifiers
Gaussian Processes
Dimensionality Reduction
Clustering Algorithms
Model Selection
Semi-Supervised Learning
Multiple Instance Learning
Active Learning
Contextual Pattern Recognition
Location-based Pattern Recognition
Partially Supervised Learning
Novelty Detection

Structural Matching 
Structural Complexity 
Syntactic Pattern Recognition 
Image Understanding 
Shape Analysis 
Graph-theoretic Methods 
Graphical Models 
Structural Kernels 
Spectral Methods 
Spatio-Temporal Pattern Recognition 
Stochastic Structural Models 
Intelligent Sensing Systems 
Multimedia Analysis 
Structured Text Analysis 
Image Document Analysis
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